GateWAY z/OS
Mondernize your Mainframe Applications

Transform your mainframe systems into cloud-friendly solutions and embrace the digital world

Empowering Your Mainframe Modernization Journey

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, many organizations are faced with a common challenge: the need to modernize their mainframe applications. Traditional mainframe systems, while reliable, can be seen as outdated and often don't seamlessly connect with modern technologies, such as cloud infrastructure and web-based interfaces.

Common Challenges:

Legacy Barriers

Mainframe applications often operate in isolation, creating barriers to integration with the broader IT ecosystem.

Outdated Interfaces

Traditional mainframes rely on 3270 terminal that feel archaic to users accustomed to modern web interfaces.

Inefficient Workflows

Mainframe modernization projects are notorious for their complexity and resource demands, often leading to time and cost overruns.

Cloud Integration

Businesses struggle to leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure due to the incompatibility of their legacy systems.

At MainTegrity, we've encountered these challenges firsthand and recognized a significant gap in the market. There simply weren't existing solutions that catered to our need to seamlessly modernize mainframe systems while ensuring top-notch security. So, we set out to develop GateWAY z/OS, driven by our commitment to addressing these very issues.
We understand the critical importance of security in today's digital landscape, and our tool reflects our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data and operations.
Our goal is simple: to provide businesses with a tool that empowers them to maximize the potential of their existing mainframe systems, creating a seamless bridge to the future.

Seamless Integration

Connect your mainframe applications with cloud services and other platforms effortlessly.

Browser Interfaces

Create modern, user-friendly interface that bring your mainframe into the moder age.


Streamline the mainframe modernization process, saving time, effort, and resources.


Leverage cloud infrastructure to its fullest potential, making your mainframe an integral part of your IT ecosystem.

With GateWAY z/OS, we provide the tools and capabilities you need to overcome the challenges of mainframe modernization. We're committed to simplifying the process, making it more efficient and cost-effective, and helping your organization thrive in the digital age.

Ready to embark on your mainframe modernization journey? Let GateWAY z/OS be your guide.

You might be wondering...

Can I create a native z/OS browser interface?

Yes, GateWAY z/OS is the only product that allows you to build (or port) a standard web browser interface. GateWAY z/OS provides a mainframe-based web server that is light weight yet provides the services that web developers expect. Our express install, complete starter set functions, and help from experienced browser staff get you started fast with a tested and executed plan for success.

Working in conjunction with your staff, we can often get a demonstration interface together in a week or so. Then we can get on to planning and delivering the customized experience you want for your end users.

Eliminate the use of an intermediate Windows or Linux server?

No, GateWAY z/OS eliminates the need for an external Windows or Linux server. As a result, mainframe client staff do not have to provision, setup, and support a new system which may be foreign to them. You can achieve simpler packaging and distribution as GateWay z/OS can be bundled within your existing mainframe install process. An additional benefit is that browser response time is perceptibly faster by eliminating the intermediate hop.

Can I use my standard z/OS security?

Yes, GateWAY z/OS works with RACF, ACF/2 and TSS but can even allow you to implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). GateWAY z/OS provides MFA for your new browser interface and can help you implement the same thing in your existing 3270 interface via partnership with New Era Software.

How about integrating with my existing Rexx scripts, TSO / ISPF functions and tables?

Yes, GateWAY z/OS functions can help you reutilize existing functionality. Minor recoding to replace Vgets / Vputs with HTML displays and other imbedded features, greatly reducing the recoding effort otherwise required. Structured modifications will allow you to have a single set of these routines (as you have now) that will support both 3270 and your new browser interface eliminating redundant effort in the future.

Connect to Cloud and other platforms?

Yes, GateWAY z/OS provides real time connection with tools and services residing in the Cloud; like Windows, and Linux and of course z/OS. For instance, you may have a need to interchange information with change control systems such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, or DevOps tools, such as GIT. GateWAY z/OS provides a standard call via our REST APIs to allow real-time communication with most web services. This provides a high speed, bidirectional link allowing information to be shared and acted upon. Integration skills and working examples can be provided as part of our consulting services to ensure connection to external processes can be achieved quickly and easily. This can also play a significant role implementing a ZOWE compatible architecture for existing mainframe tools.

Do you supply web development skills and consulting?

Yes, We can supply the technical help for planning, design, coding testing QA, and implementation. You know your application and users. We can supply skilled designers and coders, best practices, and all the technical components to help you create the right user experience. However, you will make decisions on how you want the interface to react in support of your users. We can provide a focus on quick delivery, utilizing an iterative approach to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

As time goes on the interface will likely have to evolve to fit changing requirements. We expect to work with your development and support teams, doing the appropriate level of skills transfer, to ensure that you are self-sufficient and can adapt the interface as needed to meet future needs.

Solution Packs


Webserver pack

Express Trial

z/OS Native web server

No Intermediate Server

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mainframe Website Hosting

Client-side Scripting – eg., JavaScript

JSON / XML / HTML Support

Development Services


z/OS Pack

Basic Functions Plus

Utilize existing Rexx

Use ISPF Tables

Multi-User TSO space

Fast Implementation

Development Services


Multisystem Pack

Advanced Functions Plus

Rest API to other platforms -Linux, Unix, Windows Cloud

Common Product Plugins

Changes - ServiceNOW, Remedy

SIEMS - Splunk, QRadar, etc.

Real-time Text or Emails

Development Services